Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ General

How can I make myself more visible to companies?

Before the first day of each month, make sure to edit your FTE availability. To do this, go to your dashboard, and for the next empty month update your availability. Your profile will then appear as ‘updated’ to target companies.

Should I pay a fee to be on the top visible freelancer list?

No, it’s free. All you have to do is to update your profile & availability every month. An updated profile is the key to be the first prioritized in a company’s search.

I am not sure if I should add my financial rate on my profile. If I do, should I negotiate an hourly or daily fee?

The decision is up to you. But, it is important to think about companies who will filter profiles based on the information they have. The financial aspect is often an important point of discussion which you can clarify upfront by putting your expected fee. Hourly rate has the advantage to provide flexibility in your organization. On the other hand, the daily rate gives a secured income and might also reassure some customers that there is less risk in going above a defined budget. Choosing to go for one does not mean that you need to exclude the other during the contract negotiation between you and the company.

I applied to a proposed mission- what happens next?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail that your application has been well received by Cortexpert team who will get back to you rapidly. Once your application is validated, the concerned Customer will receive your application details for further processing. The company will decide to accept or decline your application. You will be notified by e-mail in both cases.

Can I get in touch directly with the company when I apply to a mission?

No, the Cortexpert team will get in touch with you to discuss your application and agree with you on next step.

How is the signature of the contract realized?

You are your own boss! You negotiate your contract directly with your Customer. Cortexpert does not interfere in this matter unless the Customer explicitly requests the support from Cortexpert on this. Depending on the Customer's request, Cortexpert may be involved in the contract management: It may be either a direct contract with the Customer, either a contract with Cortexpert under which you work for the Customer. This important information will be provided to you from start of your application.

How is the freelancer’s invoicing processed?

You have the entire responsibility to provide your customer with whatever has been agreed to in your contract. Again, Cortexpert does not interfere in this matter unless the customer explicitly requests the support from Cortexpert. This is also depending on the Customer's request, Cortexpert may be involved in the invoicing management. In such case, you will send your invoice to Cortexpert, upon approval of your worked hours by the Customer and Cortexpert will pay you. If invoicing is performed directly with the Customer, your invoice will be paid directly by the Customer.

Can I deactivate my account?

Of course- this is part of our legal guarantee on privacy of your data. Should you choose to deactivate, simply go to your account and click on ‘cancel account’. You will need to confirm that you want to deactivate your account and it will be deactivated within minutes. You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your account deactivation. We guaranty deactivation without penalty or any conditions.

How can I give feedback to Cortexpert?

We would be very pleased to receive your feedback on our contact page or at Be reassured that your message will be reviewed and we will follow up without delay.


FAQ Recruiter

How can I find a freelancer on Cortexpert?

Find the freelancer that matches your need from our database: filter by country, availability, fees, expertise, that’s it! You prefer to get freelancers profiles proposed to you? Contact Cortexpert at or call us at 0032477 51 53 75 and immediately get motivated and experienced freelancers with you. Have a look at our pricing page for more details.

Can I proceed with a freelancer search in Cortexpert Database?

Yes, you will have direct access to the freelancer database. However the freelancers’ profiles are kept anonymized. Once you are interested in a freelancer's profile and would like to get in touch, you will be asked to log in (or to create ayour free account if not yet the case) and then, you can start identifying the freelancers. To identify a freelancer, you are required to buy a "freelancer identification credit" available upon request at we will provide you with identification credits within to allow you to identify the number of freelancers you wish to contact on your own. Have a look at our pricing page for more details.

Will I get contacted by freelancers after a profile identification?

Once you have identified a freelancer profile, either by searching in our database, either upon receipt of freelancer profiles, you will have access to the freelancer's contact details and it will be your choice to contact him/her at your convenience. The freelancers will not receive your contact details since the final decision to get in touch with each other remains yours.

Can we further negotiate the fee with the freelancer?

You are free to discuss any topics with the freelancer. Cortexpert will not interfere unless you would like Cortexpert to get involved.

How long will the identification of freelancer profiles stay in my dashboard?

The freelancer profiles will stay in your dashboard for up to 12 months after identification.

Can I delegate my request of finding a freelancer to Cortexpert?

We are available to support you. Simply contact us at (answer provided within 48 hours) or at 0032477 51 53 75 from 8 am to 4PM UK time. Our strength is to get back with corresponding freelancer profiles in a fast way (on average 48 hours).

I need a team of several freelancers, is there a way to easily manage my request?

In all cases, Cortexpert can manage the search of your freelancer team upon review of your needs. Get in touch with Cortexpert at (answer provided within 48 hours) or at 0032477 51 53 75 from 8 am to 4PM UK time without any delay!

What does Cortexpert do to ensure my data is secure?

Cortexpert uses the SSL protocol (Security Sockets Layer) encryption in its URL to enable the highest protection of your data.

FAQ Finance

Is there an expiration date for my profile identification?

No, there is no expiration date. Profile identification can be used whenever you want without any limit in time.

Will you reimburse me if I don’t need my profile identification anymore?

No, every profile identification bought is non refundable, even if you do not plan to use them anymore.

The mission, on which my freelancer was assigned, has now ended. May I freely request to prolong the contract with this freelancer or assign a new mission to him/her?

Yes. You and your freelancer are in charge of your relationship. There are no restrictions from Cortexpert on this matter, unless agreed differently under a mission-specific contract with Cortexpert.

I decided to buy profiles, but I am not satisfied by the contacts made with those freelancers. Will you reimburse me my profile identification?

Make sure that you choose profiles which are the most recently updated (see the ‘updated’ tag on the freelancer profile) to ensure that you choose the most accurate profiles. Although Cortexpert is not responsible for the data posted on the profiles, our engagement is "NO CURE NO PAY". Upon first contact with a freelancer, would it turn that the freelancer was not specific enough on its profile leading to an impossible collaboration, get in touch with Cortexpert to establish how we can revisit your requirements or get your money back. Should a fraudulent profile be detected and confirmed, please contact Cortexpert at (answer provided within 48 hours) or at 0032477 51 53 75 from 8 am to 4PM UK time.

I bought 3 profile identifications but I only need to find out about 1 profile. What happens with the 2 remaining profiles not identified yet?

You do not need to identify 3 profiles at once. You are free to identify as many profiles as you want according to the remaining profile identification that you bought. Your Cortexpert dashboard enables you to know at any time the history of profile identification bought and remaining profile identifications.

Is there a limited access to the profiles I bought?

Once you have identified a profile, it will stay in your dashboard for another 12 months.

How is the VAT applied on the profile identification invoicing?

All our prices stated on Cortexpert is excluding VAT charges. VAT will apply depending on the location stated on your account as invoice information.

How do I pay for the identification of freelancers in the database or if I requested Cortexpert to find freelancers for me?

Cortexpert will issue an invoice to your Company to proceed with a standard bank transfer. There is no payment through Cortexpert website.