Who is Cortexpert anyway?

All started with 2 freelancers having many ideas and loving the freelancing way of life: Sandrine and Catherine. These 2 met each other while working for the same customer, and the relationship grew from there!

Building Cortexpert became an evidence for us, we are confident it will become an asset for you. 

Sandrine Verstraete

Long-lasting freelancer in pharma

Sandrine is crazy about freelancing. She also likes to talk and to think freelancing. Besides dreaming about freelancing, Sandrine is endless in providing advices on the day to day life of a Freelancer. It is easy to see that Sandrine initiated the launch of Cortexpert… tailor made for freelancers of course!

Catherine Ska

Addicted to freelancing in pharma

Freelancing for Catherine is second nature. She is addicted to it, which did not improve after meeting Sandrine. There was no other option for Catherine than to be part of the Cortexpert project with the strong desire to keep it free for Freelancers and to get customers addicted to working with them!